It`s compact: fits in the trunk of an SUV or a pickup truck
  • It`s safe: max speed is limited to 20 miles/h
  • It`s affordable: 1/3 the price of a snowmobile
  • It`s agile: goes where a man, ATV or snowmobile would not pass
  • It`s powerful: 7, 10, or 13 hp, hauls up to 650 lbs (350 kg) on snow
  • Use all year round: goes through deep snow, ice, prairie or forest
  • It`s reliable: 1-year warranty
  • Economical: fuel consumption less than 0.5 gal per hour (5 liters for 100 km)
  • Needs no registrationĀ¹, license, not subject to vehicle taxes



                     Sled $269.00                                              

                Handle bar bag $99.00                                         

                Swiveling seat $199.00

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